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Featured Author: Diana Tyler

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Diana Tyler!!

Age of the Ashers (Book 1 of the Petros Chronicles trilogy) by Diana Tyler

Age of the Ashers is available and ebook formats on Amazon. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

Series Info: The Petros Chronicles is a young adult fantasy series inspired by Greek mythology. It follows an eighteen-year-old girl named Chloe who finds out she possesses supernatural powers, powers that have not-so-mythological beings trying to destroy her and her family. It’s suitable for ages 13 and up.  

Age of the Ashers Blurb:

One power. One prophecy. One chance to change the world.

Petros is a well-oiled machine of an empire that has been overrun by evil. Every individual’s life is mapped out precisely, from the day of their birth until their much-anticipated Coronation at age seventy-five, when they each become ruler of their own personal paradise.

Eighteen-year-old Chloe Zacharias is content to exist as a social outcast and virtual recluse. Orphaned at the age of eight, she and her twin brother Damian live with their aunt and uncle, who only just tolerate their unwelcome charges. When classmate Ethan Ross gives Chloe a one-day pass to a newly opened museum, she discovers there’s much more to her utopian city, and the mysterious government that runs it, than she could ever have imagined.

An ancient prophecy has plans for Chloe; plans that will catapult her into the middle of an ages-old war between beings she thought belonged only to ancient mythology.

When it becomes clear to the powers of the Underworld that Chloe could uncover their secrets and dismantle their world, the rulers send cunning Hermes, devious messenger to the lords of Hades, on a mission to destroy her before she finds out who—and what—she is.

Famed poet and romantic musician, Orpheus will do anything to reunite with his beloved wife Eurydice. Manipulated by Hermes into believing he can win back Eurydice if he charms a mortal known as “the Vessel,” Orpheus takes advantage of Chloe’s naïveté and voracious curiosity, and leads her into mortal danger.

Damian can’t ignore his sister or her strange behavior any longer. He has discovered that he has an astonishing gift of his own, and Hades and Apollo are shaken by the possibility that there is not one, but possibly two, entities with the power to topple the evil world they have created.

Chloe and Damian must work together, without becoming paralyzed by fear like their ancestors before them, or the citizens of Petros will continue to believe and be ruled by the horrific lies that have corrupted their world.

Filled with magic, mystery, and sprinklings of Greek mythology, Age of the Ashers is a powerful fantasy adventure for those who love to lose themselves in the world of make-believe.

What readers are saying about Age of the Ashers:
Age of the Ashers is a story set in a Greek mythological-inspired world of fantasy. With pacy twists and turns, it is interwoven with warm, real characters, realistic dialogue and beautiful fantastical descriptions. The beautiful writing evokes a thrilling wonderful experience as you read.”
Soulla Christodoulou, London, UK.

“I fell in love with this book, from the world building to the characters. It was engrossing, beautifully written, and a "keep you on the edge of your seat" page turner. I even had to reread certain paragraphs because the prose were so captivating. Diana is an excellent writer who has the ability to make you believe that the world she created in Ages of the Ashers exists.”
Lang Johnson

“A fascinating and well-written novel, the plot is tightly paced and keeps the reader turning pages. The concept of the Greek civilisation continuing until modern times, is both sophisticated and intriguing. The characters are believable and very three dimensional, in that, as in real life, good people do bad things, and supposed bad people do good things. It is especially impressive, how the author handles the jumps between times and locations, never once leaving the reader confused.”
Julia Blake

Age of the Ashers was an exciting and mystical read that kept my imagination bubbling until the very last page. Diana has beautifully merged the mundane world of the relatable Chloe Zacharias, an eighteen loner with a fascination of the unknown, with the mystical world of Orpheus, a damned poet spending his eternity locked away in the playground that is Hades Underworld. Diana has created each and every character with such passion that you can't help but be drawn into their surreal lives of heart ache, corruption and secrets.”
-Sarah Walden

“Once again, Diana Tyler has written characters that resonate with my soul …  I wanted to punch bad guys in the face, I wanted to hold poor Chloe, and I wanted to high five Damian. If you are a fan of mythology and magic, you will love this book.”

She got into her car, happy to see that the rain had let up and there was still enough daylight to keep her drive down the mountain safe from her made-up, horror-movie scenarios. She put the car in reverse, looked in the rearview mirror, and then screamed as her heart leapt into her throat. Sitting in the backseat, looking back at her in the mirror, was a girl.
“Who in Zeus’ name are you?” Chloe shouted as she turned to face the interloper. She pulled a bottle of pepper spray out of the console.
The girl smiled softly and folded her hands, clearly unalarmed by Chloe’s threat.
“Do you know what this is?” said Chloe. “It’s pepper spray. It burns really, really bad. Get out of my car or I’m going to blind you with it.” This made the girl giggle a bit and twirl the ends of her wavy, auburn hair.  “You think that’s funny?” That made the girl giggle even louder, and Chloe began to wonder if she was a bit slow. “Are you deaf?” Chloe said, raising her voice and enunciating each word so much that her jaw popped.
The girl stopped laughing and shook her head, then she opened her mouth and said,

“I can only speak what I’ve been sent to say,
So listen well before I fly aw—”

“Why are you talking in rhymes?” Chloe interrupted. “Wait. Are you…are you…” She could feel her chin quivering as the answer to her own question was becoming all too clear.
Was she hallucinating as she had in the treehouse? She pinched herself up and down her arms. She tugged on her ears. She was tempted to spray herself in the face with the pepper spray just to ensure she wasn’t dreaming.
Then the girl spoke again.

“Do not harm yourself; you’re wide awake,
But you must know what steps to take.
If more of the past you wish to see,
Take and eat from the walnut tree.”

The girl held out both fists and opened them. In the center of each ivory palm sat a walnut still in its shell.
As Chloe stared at the walnuts, she noticed that her car had never smelled so good, not even when Damian had put a wintergreen-scented air freshener in it after Chloe spilled a milkshake in the backseat and waited five days to clean it up. Now it smelled like lemon and lavender, rosemary and thyme all mingled together.
Before Chloe could ask another question, the girl began to speak again, only this time her voice was louder as she pronounced every syllable with urgency.

“There’s just one warning you should heed:
Do not eat of the enchanted seed.
Take a lesson from Hades’ wife,
Who descended to hell, though she kept her life.”

 “You’re a funny little thing, you know that?” Chloe turned back toward the steering wheel, where the car didn’t smell so fresh. “Now get out of here before I—”
Before she could finish her sentence, the image of the stranger vanished from the rearview mirror. The only sign she had ever been there were the two walnuts hovering in the air where her hands had held them up.
“This birthday just gets better and better the crazier I get,” Chloe muttered. Then she took the walnuts and stuffed them in her purse, wondering why in the world she wasn’t hurling them out the window instead.

Author Bio:

Diana has been writing all her life, starting with her own versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics when she was four. She’s always been fascinated by Greek mythology and comic-book superheroes, all of which inspire her fantasy novels. She’s also a gym rat who loves to pretend she’s Wonder Woman while lifting heavy weights, and swinging from rings and pull-up bars. She co-owns CrossFit 925 in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Ben.
Diana currently writes entertainment and media-related articles for, and contributes regularly to When she isn't writing or working out, she can be found playing Scrabble with her husband, watching Marvel and Pixar movies, and pinning recipes on Pinterest that she never gets around to cooking.

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Release Blitz for Stupid Love by Kirsty Dallas

Title: Stupid Love
Author: Kirsty Dallas
Genre: Comedy Romance
Release Date: September 23, 2017


Wing-woman …tick
Sunny beach and hot cabana boy…tick
One pissed off father who just happens to be the God of Love…ahhh, dang it.
Phoibe Cupid (aka Bee aka Hedone) is in the business of love…and she hates it.  Stuck in a dead end job with no reprieve in sight, she and her trusty BFF, Mac (aka Mac the blood thirsty aka Mac the formidable), travel the mortal realm leaving a trail of chaos and lusty humans in their wake. Life’s good, right up until that moment her daddy grounds her ass and shoots her with her own damn arrow. Now she’s nothing but a frisky horn-dog who has it bad for her potential soul mate and to make matters worse, he doesn’t feel the same way. 

The best way to learn about love is to fall into it, kicking and screaming.

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Author Bio

Kirsty Dallas is the Best Selling and Award Winning Author of the comedy romance novel, Decker's Wood and the highly acclaimed Mercy's Angels Series. She has also written stand alone novels, Breeze Of Life, Violet Addiction and the dystopian fiction, When Nothing Is All You've Got, which has been nominated for an award at Readers Favorite. She is also a screenwriter who most recently embarked on a joint project with Director and screenwriter, Chris Sun. As co-writer and script editor on the film Boar, this highly anticipated horror has been signed to Universal Pictures Australia in 2017. While she adores writing, and cannot imagine a world without words, she also loves passing on the knowledge she has accumulated over the years to those just starting out. So feel free to reach out to her at any time.

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Promo Tour for NOT A GENTLEMAN by Loreen Augeri

by Loreen Augeri

Release Blitz BLitz for Daddy's Best Friend J. L. Beck & Kylie Carter

Title: Daddy's Best Friend
Authors: J. L. Beck & Kylie Carter 
Genre: Romance


She’s my best friend’s daughter…

Naive. Sweet. Innocent and hot as hell.

I shouldn’t touch her, hell I can’t, not unless I want to lose everything but yet the temptation is too great.

When her father asks me to watch over her for a few months, I think nothing of it, until she steps across my threshold with her tone, tan legs, and sassy mouth.

It takes everything in me not take her across my knee, and give her a proper spanking.

And yet, despite her sassy mouth, and naiveness, and the fact I’m nearly twice her age she’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman, and I can’t have her… or can I?

Discovering she wants me too only adds to the fire, and before we know we’re both head over heels…

The only problem is, what will her father, my best friend say when he finds out I’m not only sleeping with his daughter, but that she’s having my baby?

WARNING: This ones going to give you all the feels. Instalove, and an alpha that takes charge will have you begging for you own spanking. Heed the warning, it's hot, forbidden, and will turn you on.

J.L. Beck is the author of over thirty different novels, and novellas. She resides in Wisconsin with her two children and husband. When she's not reading, or writing you can find her shopping, catching up on her favorite tv shows or spending time with her loved ones.

Kylie Carter: Author of all things hot with a sprinkle of sweet, a couple cups of kink, and a whole lot of sexy.

J.L. Beck

Kylie Carter

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Back 2 School Special: Fantasy

Cover Reveal for Heart of a Cowboy by Kristin Vayden

Title: Heart of a Cowboy
Series: Elk Heights Ranch #1
Author: Kristin Vayden
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp
Genre: Western Romance
Cover Design: Cora Bignardi
Release Date: December 19, 2017


A stubborn cowboy has sworn never to forgive or forget—but one special woman may find a way to change his mind . . .
Hospice nurse Laken Garlington helps people face the end with peace and dignity, surrounded by their loved ones. But the son of her new patient didn’t come home to reunite with his dad. So why is Cyler Myer back in horse country? It’s clear the sexy, six-three hunk with the steely eyes has a score to settle, and Laken doesn’t plan on being collateral damage . . . no matter how irresistible she finds the prodigal cowboy.

Dying is too good for the father Cyler will never forgive—not in this lifetime.
Showing up at his family’s Washington State ranch is the first step in his plan. But revenge takes a back seat to desire when Cyler meets a bossy beauty who arouses feelings he isn’t ready to face. As they work together to save an ailing mare, Cyler realizes he must decide where his true destiny lies. With darkness . . . or with the woman who offers the promise of redemption with every kiss.

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Author Bio

Kristin's inspiration for the romance she writes comes from her tall, dark and handsome husband with killer blue eyes. With five children to chase, she is never at a loss for someone to kiss, something to cook or some mess to clean but she loves every moment of it! Life is full—of blessings and adventure! Needless to say she’s a big fan of coffee and wine…and living in Washington she’s within walking distance of both!

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